Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fashions of the Gilded Age Outfit: April 2015

I've  decided to go and retroactively post pictures of some things I have made in my sewing adventures (including some on my old defunct blog) just so they are out there and easy to show to people :).

This particular outfit was completed for my Senior Independent Study Project in high school. Many may have seen these pictures before on Facebook. All the garments are from Fashions of the Gilded Age by Frances Grimble except the corset. That is a somewhat bastardized version of a Simplicity pattern that I still haven't gotten right - pinches my hips somewhat. I think its time to move on to another pattern or get some in person help fitting it. My materials were cotton for the chemise and petticoat, cotton coutil for the corset, and polyester satin for the blouse and skirt (yay small budgets - not), and velvet for the bodice. The time period is a mashup of about 1877-1882. With that said, here we go.

Princess Chemise - side seams and darts machine sewn, all finishing by hand.

Simplicity 9769 - all machine sewn
Petticoat front - all machine sewn except button holes and lace flounce (cartridge pleated by hand)
Left side with button placket
Back side with my ruffles that didn't get spaced quite right.
Right side - you can see the piecing at the bottom where I did not scale the pattern up properly
Fan skirt 
Side view

Back view with a bow to hide machine stitching. Stiffened with tulle Not nearly as majestic as it looked in the book, due to fabric choice and not enough support I believe.
Lace balayeuse (a fancy name for a train dust mop)
Blouse and bodice. Blouse is not pleated like the original pattern due to time and annoying fabric,

Back side. All the buttonholes and lacing holes and trim is hand sewn. Hems are also hand finished
Ignore the funny shadow at the bottom!

Hair is done up according to this tutorial
Well there you have it. I started this project September 2014 and worked on it between school and homework until mid April. I have yet to find a place to wear it besides my project presentation. I have not made anything major since finishing it either. It's been a crazy summer and fall to say the least!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Journey to CO

Better late than never, right?

After our wedding, we embarked on a nearly week long journey cross country to our new home. We left on Monday for TN to visit Jeremiah's family and have a small reception with friends there. With the car packed to the gills, we headed out at 7 am, stopping only for bathroom breaks and lunch at Pizza Hut (one of many firsts for me - had never eaten there before). When we hit VA thought, we decided to take a small detour on the Skyline Drive. This road runs right through the mountains of Shenandoah National Park. On our last trip to TN, we had taken the Blue Ridge Parkway, which is the same road but farther south (and it doesn't cost anything to drive it! If you take the Skyline Drive, be prepared for a $20 fee to get on) and decided to check the northern part out. Of course, it starts POURING as soon as we get on. Like zero visibility downpour. Yeah, we still stopped at overlooks and got wet. When the rain stopped, we took a few pictures too, as well as took a little hike on a loop trail.
Shenandoah Valley from above

The rain off in the distance

Panorama with an added shot of the decorated car.
A post storm rainbow!
A butterfly of unknown kind. If you recognize it, please tell me what kind!
The beginnings of the sunset.
After we got off the Skyline Drive, we continued south, driving all night and arriving in TN at 9:30 am, where we promptly took a 2 hour nap. We got to visit with family and then friends at the reception. Originally, we had planned to leave Wednesday for TX, but we decided to stay an extra day and visit. Early Thursday morning, we left for TX to visit the  Shannon Family. On our way, we stopped in Memphis at the largest Bass Pro Shop in the country!

The elevator to the top of the pyramid

There were ponds with ducks and fish everywhere
We got to our destination at 11 pm and slept soundly. Friday was spent with friends :) I got to meet all of Aspen's multitudinous creatures and feed the deer she is fostering!  

Sadly, like all good days, it came to an end. Saturday was on to CO. We left at 4 am (that was rough on poor ol' me - I am NOT a morning person) and made it to the ranch by 2pm. On the way, lots of photos. Also of note - TX and NM have these spectacular sunflower bushes that I absolutely adore. I want some. I want lots of them. 

Look at him! I am a lucky girl :)

Do you see the road runner?

Going into the mountains

Our humble abode. It never got cleaner than this

Bouquet of Colorado wildflowers

Thursday, October 1, 2015

We made it!

Jeremiah and I are safely at the Parelli Center in Ocala, FL after a long 3 day drive and 2 popped trailer tires (He was hauling 9 horses for Parelli). We are settling into our house (which has WIFI!!!!) but we have very bad cell service. The campus is a former personal zoo, so we live in the Lion's Den. There are aviaries every where, and a giraffe barn, and all sorts of cool things. I'll start working again in mid October. Until then - sewing!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Our Wedding

We were married Aug 22 in what can only be referred to as a backyard country wedding at my home in MA by the pastor at the church I attended, Immanuel Chapel. It was short and sweet, 15 minutes from start to finish, followed by a BBQ lunch. All the decorating was done by friends and family (shout out to all those awesome people!). My dress was off Amazon and the cake was homemade. Lemme tell ya, I wouldn't have traded it for a big planned ahead wedding at all (Side note - It was 8 weeks and 3 days from the day we set the date to the actual wedding day). There really is something special about people coming together to make something happen and knowing everything has been done with love. With that said - picture time!

Saying our vows

First kiss as a married couple!

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin

We gave out bubbles as favors. This is the result. 

My pretty late summer bouquet

Cowboy (or girl) boots a must!

My high school friends

Our mutual bestie Morgan - we have a series of photos of the 3 of us going.

My bouquet had a photo of my late father on it so he could walk me down the aisle.

Jeremiah's family

The boot wearin' crowd

My family

The cake! Lemon sponge with berry jam and Swiss buttercream