Friday, February 19, 2016


 So living on a farm, there are animals. Some ours, some Jeremiah's folks. But today was such a nice day to wander around, they all got photographed. Introducing the menagerie!

Our cows - A purebred, registered Dexter cow and her now full grown bull calf (also purebred but not registered). We bought them thinking we would keep the cow and try to breed her and then milk her, but she is waaaaayyyyyyy too wild. I can't get less than 4 feet away from her or she spooks. Also, they are master escape artists. Or maybe my fence building skills are lacking. Either way, we play rodeo frequently. So, they are both for sale. (

Her name 
Our sheep - We have 2 Jacob sheep (ram and ewe) and an Icelandic sheep (ewe). We are hoping for a lamb this spring! Our sheep are kept with Jeremiah's mother's sheep.

Dodge - The one with the massive horns. He's the head honco
Freckles - Our baby. Dodge is her daddy and Jeremiah bottle fed her last year.
Sheepy - aka nameless sheep - She's the gray one in the background. She's also super shy but has lovely fleece!
And these are the mother-in-law's sheep.

Onion - MIL's ram - He insisted upon being photographed  first. 

Lipstick and her twin (a ewe and a ram) lambs born Feb 9
All the sheep!
Theres also 4 cats, a dog, a duck, 2 chickens, 6(?) rabbits, a horse and a mule inhabiting the farm. The cats and dog stopped me for a photo shoot on the way back in!

Callie aka the mama cat
Kevin aka the daddy cat
Kitties!! Born Jan 7, one long haired and one short haired.
And Buster, aka the crazy dog. He is a Treeing Feist aka a squirrel dog. He followed me the whole time!

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