Thursday, December 1, 2016

House Update

It's been a while! Our house has come a long ways since June when I last posted. We have been very blessed with help from people at our church. We spent most of the hot summer framing the house up with help from friends. The roof went on in August and we bought lumber for siding in September. Then progress came to a grinding halt as we waited for the local re-saw to become available. We had bought inch thick poplar and needed to saw it down to 1/2 inch. In October, Jeremiah's brother helped us saw all 1000 board feet.

We also traveled north to my home state of Massachusetts to help my family make apple cider over Columbus Day weekend. While there, we packed up and moved most of my things back to TN. The day we got home, some friends from church came and unloaded our moving van and house wrapped our house for us.

The weekend before Thanksgiving, 10 people came and helped us begin to put siding on our house. One and a half sides are done! They also installed and trimmed the doors and windows. I think it's really beginning to look cute!

Coming down our driveway. This is the half sided side of the house. See the pile of siding at the far end?

My adorable front door. That's one of the kitchen windows.

The fully sided side. Actually to be precise, its missing one row of siding at the top.

The view from the front door. The raised beds are to the left in the foreground, the creek just beyond the pole, and the road even farther along.

Excuse the mess. The far room is our bedroom and the little room behind the door is the bathroom.

My future kitchen

The view out the side door, aka Winshaw
I hope you enjoyed the little tour of our corner of land!

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