Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Large Project!

Jeremiah and I have a new big project! We are building a house! OK, more of a cottage really. Or maybe a tiny house. Regardless, it is a place of our own! The plan is to make it of a size and sturdiness that will allow us to move it on a trailer when we get our own land. For the past few weekends we have been clearing a spot of land on Jeremiah's parents' place to put our little home. We have been blessed to have one of Jeremiah's friends help a lot with the clearing process. There was a lot of scrap metal to move, trees to cut down, and lots and lots of chipping to do. Thankfully we have easy access to a tractor, a chainsaw and a chipper! I've now got a nice pile of wood chips to turn to mulch.

Downed trees
Jeremiah and his friend cutting up a sweet gum tree

Me running the chipper

Then yesterday, another of Jeremiah's friends, who does construction, came over, and we started the building process. First we laid piers of concrete blocks and leveled them. Jeremiah's brother Jordan was instrumental in getting it all nicely done (you can find Jordan and his wife over at Home at Winshaw).
The first haul of materials

Blocks laid and shimmed
Then cedar beams that Jordan had sawn were laid as a base for the floor joists. We squared up the end joists (again, thank you Jordan for your awesome help with that!) and then next thing I know, all the joists are there!

Hubby fetching the beams
One beam laid
Floor joists on!
The last thing we did for the day was attach the sub flooring. Once that was on, it was pretty neat to be able to walk around and see what sorts of views I would have from my kitchen and such!

Oh look, the house ate Jeremiah!
The view from my future kitchen!
I am so thankful to the people that have helped us and will help us with this large project!

End of a long work day

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  1. Oh goodness! This is SO exciting! You must be so happy, dear! I'm looking forward to seeing the progress!

    Love and Rich Blessings -

    ~ Aspen